About Us

RC Larson Longhorns began their journey with Longhorn cattle in 2000 as a lawn ornament. We enjoyed watching our new little herd. We had no goals in mind at the time. Bob's history as a dairyman in Tillamook County brought an abundance of knowledge to raising cattle. We immediately began an artificial insemination program. In 2005 we began our embryo program beginning with conventional flushes then in 2012 invetro fertilization (IVF) program was started. All aspects of our program are based around professional breeders, veterinarian's, vet techs, and embryologist's. We are surrounded by professionals that are easily accessible due to the dairy industry. Through these professionals we have been able to quickly and affordably enhance our genetics as well as assist many other breeders throughout the country.

Our goal today is to be able to provide all breeders great genetics at a reasonable cost, which is obtainable though our embryo program.

We are an experienced reproductive management service that offer consistent and predictable genetics in the longhorn industry.